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About us

  • We are a company with 15 year's experience and tradition in economic and accounting services.
  • Number of our clients and employees increases each year.
  • We have a comparatively wide range of clients - from self-employed individuals to non-profit organizations and business companies with about 40 - 50 employees, with Slovak and foreign equity interest.
  • We are trying to provide services in order to give the clients an opportunity to denote their time to business only and to be able to expect any kind of inspection.
  • Therefore we care about skills developement of our employees, which helps us to successfully fight with ever-increasing complicated character of our laws.
  • Our clients from various branches of commerce, manufacturing and services, are provided with services of our company and due to this fact our employees get practical skills and knowledge overrunning for and wide the knowledge of an average accountant.

fineal s.r.o., Grösslingova 63, 81109 Bratislava, tel.: 02/5292 1262, 02/5296 5487 fax: 02/5296 5487 e-mail: fineal@fineal.sk
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